Tips for Submitting Lease Rental Application

It’s customary, Landlords expect the following from applicants:

  • Lease Rental Application and agency disclosure, download below. Please legibly complete a separate Rental Applications for each applicant (and co-tenant) over 18. The Agency Disclosure can have multiple Tenants’ signatures on one form. Tip: complete the Rental Application without “Premises Information” (item 2.) to reuse for multiple properties.
  • Full tri-bureau credit report “Free credit score” websites give your score for free. They also offer you a full report with history and scores from all three credit reporting agencies for a fee. Do this once, and use for multiple application submissions.
  • Proof of income, copies of 2-4 recent paystubs. If self-employed, you may be asked for a copy of your tax return.
  • Proof of funds 1-2, or more, recent bank statements. You may cross out account numbers if you wish. 
  • Photo ID Driver’s license or other government issue.

Additional items may be requested, or these would be a plus for making you the best applicant:

  • Letter from current/past Landlord
  • Letter of explanation for credit issues
  • Letter with anything else you like to be known to the Landlord making you the best candidate
  • Picture of pets

Please scan and email your completed forms. No scanner? I can help. When we find the home you really want, somebody else may want it too, or the Landlord is already considering other applicants. The most complete application gives you an edge with a Landlord as the best candidate for your new home. 

Download (PDF, Unknown)